Are you ready for a zombie attack?
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Are you ready for a zombie attack?

Insaniac Gaming is a community where we get together to share ideas and play games on Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Call of Duty and other various games. Please stay active on the website and be sure to check out FAQ for questions or contact IG Airassault54
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Look in community gaming for scheduled events-- If you post on the even you will get a reserved slot
Stay active on the website or ur account will be suspended- Post 3 times a week on the site and get on whenever possible!
Official Insaniac Gaming hoster for xbox is nuculartaco123 and Theblackdeath78-- Contact him if you want to become IG Team or host events
If you need to know what gamertags to add in order to get invites to the game message IG Airassault54 or Nuculartaco123
November 2015
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