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 Ahoy guys!

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PostSubject: Ahoy guys!    Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:37 pm

Hello zombies assassins!

My name is Wasosiri (japanese version of "Why so Serious?" xD). Sorry for my bad English, first of all, I am brazilian.

Lately, I've been playing ONLY  ISS (and a little bit of BF4)! I started playing in December 2012 and stopped for the whole year of 2013, and now I am back again. I'd like to PVP and participate on events and have fun and meet new friends! I'll be logging every week day around 9PM GMT, and I play the whole weekend.
I used to play in a Roleplay community in ISS that made sense to the game. I'd like to introduce you that idea, so you can make an opinion if you'd like to play that way. Despite I'd like to advance in that project, I am O.K. with just joining the clan and not making any change (I do not want any problems haha lol).

Here we go.

I thought something about 3 factions, which have their own territory, and a territory that's ruled by no one, where pvpers can have fun, and wars can be hosted. Each faction will have a safezone and their cities to protect. Let's for example, say that Faction A rules the north (including Clearview). And Faction B dominates de east (stopping by Clearview). Faction B can schedule a war over Clearview. If Faction B wins and more than 50% of their team survives, they keep the territory. Otherwise, Faction A still dominates it. Of course that we'd have to put some time on dividing the maps and ****, but it's doable. The only territory that cannot be taken by other faction is your own safezone. Alliances can be made between factions if the number are too desproportional.

Besides this, there would be cool events like "hunger games" or "crossbow fight"...

But why would the Faction want more territory? For loot.
As we know, there are people who like to pvp, and others just like to PVE. We can make a hierarchy and divide the factions by military guys and civilians. Civilian would be able to loot IN THEIR OWN TERRITORY. Of course, each faction would have a lockbox for the civilians to donate (if they want) to the military forces, to protect the territories. If a civilian is catched invading territories, the person who spotted him, can hijack him. The civilian wouldn't be permitted to react, and there are three options:

- The civilian can negotiate loot for his freedom
- The hijacker can bring the invader to the safezone and there, the factions can decide if they want to start up a war over the invader.
- If the faction doesn't want to fight over the invader, the invader can be killed.

Everyone that breaks rules would be temporarily banned and if the person breaks rules repeteadly, bans can be done.

How to recognize the faction of a person?
Each faction would have an outfit to wear, whenever he/she is in the server. If the person does not obbey this rule (unless it's an undercover mission given by a higher rank member of the faction), he/she can end up banned.

It's a prototype.

Wasosiri (just call me why so serious xD)
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Ahoy guys!
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