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Home of the Real Life Roleplay and Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay

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 Midnight Blizzard's (Sean's) introduction

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PostSubject: Midnight Blizzard's (Sean's) introduction   Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:29 pm

Hey there guys. I'm a new member of this community so i thought i'd say hi. I am 17. I play PC games and PC games only. I don't own any consoles, but i'd really like to get my hands on the PS4 or a new 3DS. The games i play the most right now are League of Legends, Infestation: Survivor Stories, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I also just got into anime, and i have started out Full Metal Alchemist. So far I love it. I'm work really well with computers and technical stuff in general. I fix ipods and android phones and computers and what-not. Other than that, I'm just your average laid back PC gamer If you'd like to know more about me, PM me or add me on steam. My steam ID is: Midnight Blizzard.

Thanks for reading this, I look forward to meeting and having fun with all of you Very Happy ~Midnight Blizzard
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Midnight Blizzard's (Sean's) introduction
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