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Insaniac Gaming is a community where we get together to share ideas and play games on Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Call of Duty and other various games. Please stay active on the website and be sure to check out FAQ for questions or contact IG Airassault54
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June 2017

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 White list answers

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dsg zeonzaku002
Xbox Staff

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PostSubject: White list answers   Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:50 pm

Forum Name and Gamertag: DSG Zeonzaku002
Age: 26
Gender: do mecha have genders. Just kidding I'd be 100.2 % down home American breed MAN!
Previous Roleplay Experience: DnD Table Top, Gurps and Gaia Online

Why are you interested in joining Insaniac Gaming Roleplays?
To help grow this acorn into a tree that all would like to play under.

Would you ever add IG to your gamertag?
Sure would just need the scratch to do so.

What are your goals in Insaniac Gaming?
To manly have fun and show the world that you don't have to be in Texas to have something be big.

What kind of a person do you consider yourself to be?
Patience and understanding I do have a creative side to my self but also I fallow the rules a close as i can.

If another member was to disrespect or cause problems that affect you or others what would you do?
I shall unleash the ban hammer on to them the likes they have never seen before.

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White list answers
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