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 Alex Kruschev --After Life PT .1

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PostSubject: Alex Kruschev --After Life PT .1   Mon Dec 08, 2014 11:47 am

Im going to give a brief description of whats going on so i dont confuse people. So the title is After Life Since almost everybody in Los Santos is Dead--Bandits--Surviviors- Or Undead (Zeds or Zeeks).

Alex Kruschev is my Character on Real Life Roleplay and i would take his personality for a Zombie Life Roleplay(Still WIP sorry bout that. I need help with it though)

It was a long summer day in Los Santos. I was just finishing up with my Farm at Grapeseed...Collecting the rest of my "Marijuana Buds and Tobacco".

I Head screaming down the road and decided to run inside of my House and Grab my .308 Sniper---Mossberg 500 Sawn off---And Beretta 92FS. They were my favorite weapons i had at my house. Of course i wanted to take others but i wouldnt be able to carry it all considering i only had a school bag to store my sawn off and some food/Water. I decided to get in my Cheval Picador and head to Sandy Shores and see what was going on. Right before i got to the outskirts the desert and roads were ridden with cars that were both running and blown up. I still had no idea what was going on but you know its not good not seeing somebody for miles.

I got inside the 7/11 right at the entrance of the city on the East Side---- I looted for any food and water that i found...I heard an eerie noise coming from the back room. I pull out my pistol and kick open the door. Immediately i get lunged at by a unknown person and i let off a 9mm Round right between the eyes--- That is a sweet spot for a sniper and is assuring of a kill---- I am used to aiming there. So i found out that the person that tried to attack me had half his leg torn off by something so i assume he was in pain when he attacked me which made him enraged.

I looked outside of the building after i gathered all my belongings. When i got outside i saw about 40-50 people running towards me...

Will be continued. If you are interested in creating a character or a story-- Make sure that u keep it realistic in GTA so your char could be implemented in when we do Zombie Life RP. http://insaniacgaming.forumotion.com/t3164-sneak-peek-at-zombie-life-rp-wip#17583

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Alex Kruschev --After Life PT .1
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