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 General Store and Ammu-Nation

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SG Above
SG Above

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PostSubject: General Store and Ammu-Nation    Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:11 am

Concealable Weapons

Tight fit clothing will not be able to conceal any weapon besides pistols and knives. However, clothing such as jeans sweat pants, jackets, suits, etc may be able to conceal not only pistols but also a combat knife, micro smg, or a sawed-off shotgun. Wearing a trench coat will also allow you to conceal at least 1 assault rifle or any other rifle. All other guns such as Sniper Rifles, SMGs, Pump shotguns, LMGs, etc can not be concealable.

*In addition to the concealable weapons, both the SNS pistol and combat knife can be placed discretely on your person to remain hidden from enemies. However, if a roleplayer states that he is checking you for hidden weapons than they will be discovered. If a roleplayer fails to state: "Im checking you for hidden weapons," then the player with hidden weapons can use the SNS pistol if or when free from bondage. A hidden combat knife may also free you from bondage depending on the type used. (Cannot cut through handcuffs)


In the General Store, players will be able to buy things helpful to their characters. When you buy something in this topic, you need post it in your bank and necessities, otherwise you don't have it.

Prices of Materials:

Pre-paid/burner phones- $200.00 (Digital Den store)
Vehicle Trackers- $3,000.00 (Can track only your own vehicle) (Electronics store)
Security Systems- $10,000.00 (Includes 10 Cameras and a built-in alarm system) (Electronics store)
Cameras- $1,500.00 (Comes in 5 Cameras)
Bicycles- $400.00 (Sporting good)
Lockpick Set- $100.00 (Can quietly break into a cars)



Combat Pistol-$600
SNS pistol-$750
Heavy pistol-$1,600
Vintage Pistol-$600
Pistol .50-$1,500


Pump Shotgun-$2,500

Long Rifles:

Marksman Rifle-$5,000

Gun Attachments:

Extended Mags-$100

Antique Knife-$700
Machete- $300

Body Armor:
Super Light Armor- $500
Light Armor- $1,000
Standard Armor- $2,000
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General Store and Ammu-Nation
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