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 Christopher Angel Breaux

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SG Above

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PostSubject: Christopher Angel Breaux    Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:20 am

Character Name- Christopher Angel Breaux

Character Age- 29

Character Gender- Male

Place of Birth- Los Santos, SA

Occupation- Unemployed

Character Class(s)- Robber

Character Background-   I was born in 1987 in Paleto Bay, SA in a barn near the Mount Chiliad. My mother, Emily Breaux, was a high class prostitute for the Madrazo Cartel and my father, David Breaux, was a drug mule for the Madrazo Cartel. Other than the affiliation with the cartel my parents took very good care of me as a young child. Even with their best efforts to keep me away from criminal life their actions would become my biggest problem.
 In 1992 when when I was five my father stole 2 kilo’s of cocaine from the Madrazo Cartel. This in turn resulted in my father being skinned alive and then having his manhood nailed to a tree left to die. My mother was subsequently killed by a bunch of guys with machetes. The day this all happened I was at school and had no fucking clue what had happened. When I got home I found my mom on the floor chopped up into 6 pieces. When I turned around Martin Madrazo stood there. He told me why this had happened and in my mind it sounded appropriate for them to kill my parents since they stole.
 I was taken in by my grandma who lived in Los Santos. By the time I was 10 years old I had been arrested 6 times for the same thing, assault. I was a explosive, angry motherfucker who didn't give a **** in the world. This carried on into my teens, which means I was fighting a lot more and a lot tougher people.
 When I was 16 I got robbed by knifepoint for 7$ and a gallon of milk by this kid named Leroy who lived up the block. I decided the only way to solve the issue was to go to his house and stab the motherfucker a few times to put him in check, so, I went and stabbed the motherfucker. I stabbed him so much he died before I could even get out of the house. The cops came and picked me up a couple hours later after someone said they saw me with a knife.
 I was tried as an adult for murder and home invasion and my bond was set to $3,000,000. When I was first told how much my bond was I broke down because I knew I wasn't getting out for a long time. I was sentenced to 10 years in adult prison. I served my time at Bolingbroke Penitentiary in Blaine County, SA.
 I was released from prison in 2013. Since then Ive really not changed a fucking bit. A couple days ago I robbed a coke dealer down the street and broke his fingers with a hammer. Really at this point in time I had no fucks left to give and I will do anything and everything in my power to make in somewhere in life. Im either going to make it rich or im going to die trying, no questions asked.

Gamertag- SG Above
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Christopher Angel Breaux
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