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 The Evolution Roleplay Rules

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SG Above
SG Above

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PostSubject: The Evolution Roleplay Rules   Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:00 pm


All players will begin their roleplay anywhere in San Andreas. No exceptions. You only start with $10,000.

1. Each character starts with 3 lives . The only way your character in the game is killed and will not count is if it is a knockout punch,a melee kill except stabbings or prolonged beatings and NPC death. If your character loses all 3 of their lives they are dead and you must start a new character. Your character can also die from an execution style kill.

2. Game Chat is used by all players. In game chat only one scene will take place at a time. Police scenes take over any other scenes.

3. Vehicle access must be on everyone when driving. When getting out of your car you can have your access on no-one(locking your car).

4. No random killing or destruction.

5. Weapons cannot be borrowed, Stolen or gifted.

6. Fear factor must be applied when necessary.

7. You cannot be in passive mode at anytime in the roleplay.

8. No loop-holing, god-modding,or meta-gaming.

9. Out of character- players must say “out of character” before they speak outside of roleplay.

10. Characters cannot lie about their possessions in their banks or in roleplay. If its not in your bank then you don’t own it.

11. Role-players are not allowed to use information from another character’s bank/background in roleplay.

12. When a character dies, they must leave the session and create a new character background and bank in order to come back to roleplay. If you do not have both, you cannot roleplay.

13. New characters forget about everything and know nothing about what happened to the previous character. No revenge characters.

14. You can take another character hostage by knocking them out with the butt or your pistol or melee with your fists. The hostage cannot move or speak until the other character tells them they can.

15. Characters cannot pocket any weapons except pistols or knives. In order to use weapons like a shotgun, rifle, or submachine gun, you must roleplay out that you have picked that weapon up from a place like a car trunk. Two handed weapons and jerry cans also fall under this rule.

16. Gangs/Groups can only have a maximum of four players in them. In Mafia’s associates do count as members in the roleplay.

17. In order to purchase a weapon,vehicle,or property, an admin must be present to hear it.

18. If a plane crashes then the pilot dies. All passengers have a 50/50 chance of living.

19. Adding money that was not earned into your bank is not allowed. This includes not doing your job or illegal work and adding money to your bank.

20. *Chopping Vehicles- Vehicles can only be chopped once every roleplay. Only vehicles found on the street or character owned vehicles can be chopped. If you steal a vehicle to chop it you must report it stolen to the police BEFORE you chop it. Character and NPC owned chopped vehicles can only give you a profit of 10% of the original vehicle price.

21. All purchases or deposits in your bank must clearly state what was purchased and source of income.

22. Money can be wired or handed in cash form. Characters can give any amount of money to another character as a gift, loan, or simply lending.

23. Players can only own 6 businesses and 2 living properties.

24. If you wreck while in a chase whether its civilian or police, you are knocked out and you cannot get up and walk away.

25. If your car flips over you can not flip it with GTA logic. You have wrecked.

27. You must work 6 hours a day, EVERY WEEK DAY in GTA Time in order to get your weekly pay. All players have the weekends off.

28. No being out of character and not in roleplay in gamechat.

29. No repeat characters.
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The Evolution Roleplay Rules
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