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 Jobs, College and Licenses

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SG Above
SG Above

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PostSubject: Jobs, College and Licenses   Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:50 pm

Please note that some of these jobs require experience, college degrees, or admin approval.

If you think of a job that is not on the list, it will need to be approved by an admin and/or council, before taking effect.

Law Enforcement:
Police Chief- 7,500 Weekly
Bonus every other roleplay-- $5,000

Police Officer-5,000 Weekly
Bonus on Second Roleplay-$1,000---
Bonus on Third Roleplay- $3,000---
Bonus on Fourth Roleplay- $5,000

S.W.A.T. ---5,000 Weekly
4,000 Every Operation
High Risk is 8,000-12,000 for the Operation(Talk to an admin)

Off-shore Jobs:

Crab/shrimp/lobster Fisherman(Req boat license)- $3,500 weekly
Roughneck(oil rig worker)- $1,900 weekly
Petroleum Engineer(on/off shore)- $2,000 weekly
Oil rig operator(on/off shore)- $2,500 weekly

Marine Jobs(req's boat license)

Ship Engineer- $2,500 weekly
Ship(cargo) Captain- $5,000 weekly
Commercial Diver- $1,000 weekly
Watercraft Service Attendant- $1,000 weekly
Lifeguard- $1,000 weekly
Cargo/Freight Agents- $2,800 weekly
Customs Broker- $1,600 weekly
Boating Instructor- $1,250 weekly

Funeral Services:

Funeral Attendant- $1,700 weekly
Embalmer- $1,200 weekly
Mortician- $1,300 weekly

Accounting/banking jobs:

Accountant- $1,000 weekly
Bank Teller- $1,200 weekly

Industrial Jobs

Welder- $1,200 weekly
Truck Driver/Company(req CDL)- $1,000 weekly
Truck Driver/Private(req CDL)- $3,000 weekly
Haz-mat worker- $1,300 weekly
Haz-mat removal- $1,500 weekly
Electrical Engineer- $2,500 weekly
Exterminator(insects)- $2,000 weekly
Pest Control(animals)- $2,500 weekly
Rock splitter(quarry)- $3,000 weekly
Explosive Expert/Blaster(Quarry only)- $4,000 weekly
Plant Operator(ClucknBell Factory)- $1,800 weekly
Slaughterer/Meat packer- $2,400 weekly
Food processor- $1,000 weekly
Logger- $4,000 weekly
Steel worker- $4,000 weekly

IT Jobs(req's college degree):

Programmer- $5,200 weekly
Database Engineer- $6,300 weekly
Network Administrator- $7,400 weekly
*Intelligence Analyst- $10,000 weekly(Gather, analyze, or evaluate information from a variety of sources, such as law enforcement databases, surveillance, intelligence networks or geographic information systems. Use intelligence data to anticipate and prevent organized crime activities, such as terrorism. This is not a civilian career)

Museum Jobs(Kortz Center)

Museum Technician/Curator- $3,000 weekly

Automotive Jobs

Automotive Engineer/designer- $2,000 weekly
Auto body/related Repairer- $2,400 weekly
Bus/truck Mechanic/diesel Mechanic- $2,000 weekly
Auto Service Technician- $1,800 weekly
Master Technician- $2,500 weekly
Tire Changer- $800 weekly
Detailer- $1,500 weekly
Motorcycle Mechanic- $1,800 weekly

Pier Jobs

Amusement Park/Recreation Attendant- $1,300 weekly
Vendor Manager- $950 weekly
Ride Maintenance- $1,300 weekly
Vending/Amusement Machine Servicer- $1,500 weekly

Hospitality Jobs

Waiter/waitress- $800+tips weekly
Chauffeur/limo driver- $1,200+tips weekly
Taxi Driver- $900+tips weekly
Maid/Housekeeper- $900 weekly
Barista(Bean Machine)- $1,000+tips
Deli Clerk- $800+tips weekly
Dog walker- $1,000 weekly
Non-farm caretaker/petstore Clerk- $1,200 weekly
Merchandise Displayer/Window dresser- $3,000 weekly
Delivery Driver(Take out/pizza)- $800+tips weekly
Dancer/Stripper- $1,500+tips weekly
Bartender- $1,800 weekly
Security Guard/Bouncer- $2,300
Cashier- $900
Vending Machine Servicer- $3,000 weekly
Security/Fire Alarm Installer- $1,800 weekly
Switchboard/Answering service- $2,500 weekly
Baggage Porter/Bellhop- $2,000 weekly
Courier/Messenger(bicycle)- $1,200 weekly
Tailor/Dressmaker- $2,600 weekly
Interior Designer- $3,800 weekly
News/Street vendor- $1,200 weekly
Tour Guide- $2,300 weekly
Escort- $2,300 weekly

Food Service Jobs

Chef- $4,000 weekly
Cook- $2,500 weekly
Food server/buser- $1,000+tips weekly
Baker- $2,500 weekly
Cook(fast food)- $700 weekly
Caterer- $2,500 weekly

Farm Jobs

Crop Duster Pilot(req pilots license)- $4,500 weekly *if farm is owned must clear first
Farm Equipment Mechanic- $3,500 weekly
Farm worker- $2,000 weekly
Agricultural Equipment Operator- $2,500 weekly
Pipe Layer- $1,200 weekly

Entertainment Industry Jobs(reqs college degree)

Public address/Announcer- $3,000 weekly
Director- $5,000 weekly
Talent Director- $4,500 weekly
Producer- $6,000
Actor- $7,000 weekly
Film/video Editor- $3,500 weekly
Costumer- $4,500 weekly
Set designer- $4,000 weekly
Rigger- $2,000 weekly
Camera/video/Motion Picture operator- $2,000 weekly
Sound Engineering Technician- $2,500 weekly
Make-up Artist- $2,500 weekly
Back-up Dancer(no degree)- $3,000 weekly
Dancer(no degree)- $3,500 weekly
Musician/Singer- $2,000 weekly
Radio/TV announcer- $2,200 weekly
Motion Picture Projectionist- $1,900 weekly
Choreographer- $3,800 weekly

Real Estate Jobs

Real Estate Broker- $3,500 weekly
Real Estate Agent- $4,000 weekly
Real Estate Appraiser- $2,500 weekly

Laborer Jobs

Janitor/Custodial- $800 weekly
Plumber- $1,000 weekly
Landscaper- $2,500 weekly
Lawn Service- $700 weekly
Fence Erector- $2,000 Weekly
Surveyor(Construction/highway)- $3,000 weekly
Electrician- $2,400 weekly
Window Washer- $4,500 weekly
Roofer- $3,200 weekly
Carpenter- $2,300 weekly

Sporting Jobs

Professional Athlete- $7,500 weekly
Professional Athlete Trainer- $4,500 weekly
Sports Agent- $5,000 weekly
Umpire/Referee- $3,000 weekly
Coach/Scout- $3,000 weekly
Public Relations Manager- $3,000 weekly

Casino Jobs

Gaming Manager(oversees security)- $6,500 weekly
Gaming Cage worker(cashes chips)- $2,000 weekly
Gaming Surveillance Officer- $3,000 weekly
Gaming VIP Host/Hostess- $3,500 weekly
*Gaming/Sports book writer- $2,100 weekly(Post information enabling patrons to wager on various races and sporting events. Assist in the operation of games such as keno and bingo. May operate random number generating equipment and announce the numbers for patrons. Receive, verify, and record patrons' wagers. Scan and process winning tickets presented by patrons and payout winnings for those wagers.)

Federal Jobs

FIB agent-$18,000 a week (requires college degree, police experience and weapons permit)
Postal Worker- $2,500 weekly
Fish and Game Warden- $3,000 weekly

Government Jobs

Governor- $15,000 weekly
Mayor- $7,500 weekly

City Jobs

Trash Collector(Trucks found in Cypress Flats area)- $1,000 weekly
Sewer Inspector- $900 weekly
Parks/Grounds Maintenance worker- $1,000 weekly
Parking Enforcement(drives golf cart)- $800 weekly
Toll Booth Attendant- $850 weekly
Transit/Railroad Security- $3,000 weekly
Transit Bus Driver(req CDL)- $3,000 weekly
Highway Maintenance Worker- $3,500 weekly
Tax Collector/examiner/Revenue Agent- $3,000 Weekly
Parking Lot Attendant- $1,300 weekly
Meter Reader- $1,800 weekly

Civilian Public Service Jobs

Crime scene Cleaner- $1,500 weekly
Coroner- $1,500 weekly
Police ID/Records- $4,000 weekly
License Clerk(DMV)- $3,000 weekly
Forensic Science Technician(Req college degree)- $6,000 weekly
Police/Fire/Ambulance Dispatcher- $3,600 weekly

Public Service Jobs

Fireman- $2,000 weekly (Wears Hawthorn cargo pants, tan hooded jacket, gas mask, refuse collector gloves, black flight boots)
Health and Safety Inspector- $3,000 weekly
Correctional Officer- $3,000 weekly
Fire Inspector- $2,300 weekly
Fire Investigator- $2,400 weekly
Probation Officer- $2,500 weekly
Bailiff- $2,300 weekly

Construction Jobs

Construction Manager- $3,200 weekly
Construction worker- $1,500 weekly
Steel worker- $4,000 weekly
Glazier- $2,300 weekly
Roofer- $3,200 weekly

Office Jobs

Office Clerk/general- $750 weekly
Receptionist- $1,500 weekly
Switchboard/Answering service- $2,500 weekly

Insurance Jobs

Insurance Claims Clerk- $950 weekly
Insurance Appraiser(auto/fire/water/natural)- $2,500 weekly
Insurance Sales Agent- $3,000 weekly

Science Jobs(req's college degree)

Lab Rat/Test Subject(no degree)- $3,500 weekly
Scientist- $9,500 weekly
Bio-chemist- $8,000 weekly
Geneticist(Eugenics Inc)- $8,000 weekly
Astronomer(observatory)- $5,000 weekly
Archeologist- $4,000 weekly
Lab Technician- $2,500 weekly

Sales Jobs

Car Salesman- $3,500 weekly
Sales Representative- $2,500 weekly
Travel Agent- $2,500 weekly
Telemarketer- $1,200 weekly
Door-to-door Salesman- $2,100 weekly

Legal Jobs(req college degree)

Lawyer- $7,500 weekly
*Court Clerk- $5,000 weekly(Perform clerical duties in court of law; prepare docket of cases to be called; secure information for judges; and contact witnesses, attorneys, and litigants to obtain information for court.)
*Paralegal- $4,000 weeklyAssist lawyers by investigating facts, preparing legal documents, or researching legal precedent. Conduct research to support a legal proceeding, to formulate a defense, or to initiate legal action.
*Court Reporter- $1,200 weekly(Use verbatim methods and equipment to capture, store, retrieve, and transcribe pretrial and trial proceedings or other information. Includes stenocaptioners who operate computerized stenographic captioning equipment to provide captions of live or prerecorded broadcasts for hearing-impaired viewers. Used only in Trial cases)

Aviation Jobs(req's pilots license)

Crop Duster Pilot- $3,500 weekly *if farm is owned must clear first
Airline Pilot- $5,500 weekly
Air-traffic Controller- $4,000 weekly
Commercial/Charter Pilot(fixed wing/Helicopter)- $3,500 weekly
Aircraft Mechanic/Service Technician- $4,000 weekly
Cargo/Freight Agents- $2,800 weekly
Flight Attendant(no degree)- $2,300 weekly

Telecommunication Jobs

Cell/Radio Tower installer/repairer- $4,500 weekly
Telecommunications line installer/repairer- $2,600 weekly

Wind Energy Jobs

Wind Energy Engineer- $3,000 weekly

Broadcasting Jobs

Broadcast News reporter- $6,000 weekly
Film/video Editor- $3,500 weekly
Camera TV/video operator- $2,000 weekly
Weazel News Article Writer- $3,000 weekly; $7,000 Bonus for every article written for Weazel News.

Fashion Industry Jobs

Fashion Designer- $7,000 weekly
Model- $3,000 weekly(girls only)
Super Model- $10,000 weekly(girls only, after 10 rps)
Barber- $1,000+tips weekly
Mani/Pedicurist- $2,000 weekly
Make-up Artist- $2,500 weekly
Hairdresser/cosmetologist- $1,000+tips weekly

Art/Creative Jobs

Writer/Author- $7,000 weekly
Poet/Lyricist- $2,000 weekly
Fine artist/Illustrator- $4,000
Painter/Sculptor- $3,000
Dancer(no degree)- $3,500 weekly
Photographer- $2,300 weekly
Musician/Singer- $2,000 weekly
Tattoo Artist-$950 weekly

Locomotive Jobs

Locomotive Firer/engineer(repairs gates/switches)- $4,000 weekly
Transit/Railroad Security- $3,000 weekly
Railroad Conductor/Yardmaster- $4,000 weekly
Rail Car Repairer- $2,000 weekly
Cargo/Freight Agents- $2,800 weekly
Locomotive Engineer- $3,500 weekly

Events Jobs

Event planner(weddings/concerts)- $4,500 weekly
DJ- $1,200 weekly
MC- $1,250 weekly
Caterer- $2,500 weekly

Religious Jobs

Religious worker- $1,500 weekly
Clergy/Minister- $3,000 weekly

Medical Jobs(req's college degree)

General Practitioner- $7,000 weekly
Doctor- $10,000 weekly
Surgeon- $13,000 weekly
Medical Assistant- $3,000 weekly
Pharmacist- $3,500 weekly
Proctologist- $7,500 weekly
Psychiatrist- $7,000 weekly
Dentist- $8,500 weekly
Midwife- $4,000 weekly
Ambulance Driver(CDL)- $1,200 weekly
EMT- $2,400 weekly
Orderly(no degree)- $1,300 weekly

Stock Exchange Jobs(Req's business degree)

Risk Management Specialist- $4,000 weekly
Financial Quantitative analyst- $5,000 weekly
Investment underwriter- $5,000 weekly
Investment Fund Manager- $5,000 weekly

Misc. Jobs

Bicycle Repairer- $2,500 weekly
Ghost Hunter- $500 weekly
Alien Watcher- $500 weekly
Nannie- $2,000 weekly
Jeweler- $3,000 weekly
Locksmith- $2,500 weekly
Floral Designer- $1,500 weekly
Life Guard-$700 a week


Driver's License-Free

Boating License-$250 for classes and license over the course of 3 weeks.

Hunting License-$150 for classes and license over the course of 2 weeks.

Fishing License-$40 for license.

CDL(Truckers license)-$100 for classes over the course of 3 weeks. $50 for the actual license.

Gun License-$500 for classes over the course of 4 weeks. $200 for the license.

Flight School with pilot's license-$15,000 for license and classes over the course of 5 weeks.

Locomotive Certification- $2,500 for certificate and classes over 3 weeks.


Chemist Degree
Includes: Bio Chemist, Chemical Engineer Chemist, Pharmacist
$60,000 dollars over the course of 8 weeks.
Perk: Can make x15 the amount of batches than a regular chemist can.

Medical Degree
Includes: Doctor, Paramedic, Nurse, Medical Examiner, Mortician and Merryweather Medic.
$150,000 dollars over the course of 16 weeks.

Law Degree
Includes: Lawyer, Paralegal, Judge(genius class not not apply)
$150,000 dollars over the course of 16 weeks.

Investment Banking Degree
Includes: Banking, Accounting
$50,000 over the course of 4 weeks.
Perk: Can launder cash through your business or embezzle it from your work, up to $5,000 per week.

Business Degree
$150,000 over 8 weeks.
Perk: Can own up to 10 businesses, and 10% increase on income

Film/Production Degree
$50,000 over 6 weeks for Director and/or producer
½ for all other specified Entertainment Industry Jobs.
Perk: America's Got Talent- Instant Fame(Director, Producer, Actors, Singers, Announcers)- i.e. Block Buster vs “B” movie status, commercials-bus billboard vs movie/super star status, Open Mic night vs World Touring Concerts status and 50% income increase.

Arts Degree
$35,000 over 4 weeks
Perk: Can get 20% wage increase in chosen trade.

IT Degree
$120,000 over 8 weeks

Intelligence Degree
Min of 10 weeks $200,000
Must choose at least 3 specialties and list them
Additional Courses add 2 weeks and $2,000 (Higher pay grade per additional course)

Basic 8 week include: biology, chemistry, physics, etc.; all engineering fields; computer sciences; information systems; international studies; and military intelligence, Foreign Language, business, finance, and accounting.

***NOTE: In college, you may choose what days you want to attend college and every class is 2 hours long. You must attend college 3 times a week and if you miss more than 3 days worth of classes, you will be kicked out of college. A record of class attendance should be recorded in Banks along with payments of tuition. If tuition is not paid off by the end of course you can get a extension, that will be determined by Admin. You can only have one college degree per character.

As a suggestion of what to do during “class”- Look up YouTube videos(any) that may pertain to your profession.
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PostSubject: Re: Jobs, College and Licenses   Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:24 pm

Bump added in law enforcement pay + SWAT

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Jobs, College and Licenses
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