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 Alex Kruschev

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IG Airassault54
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PostSubject: Alex Kruschev   Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:19 am

Character Name-Alex Kruschev

Character Age-27

Character Gender-Male

Place of Birth-Spartanovska, Ukraine

Occupation- Criminal Businessman

Character Class(s)- Chemist

Character Background- I was born and raised in Spartanovska by a single mother. My dad passed away when I was 7 years old so I don't remember much except when he passed he gave his SVD that he used as a freedom fighter, Im not sure how he died but I think when he was fighting in a war for other peoples freedoms. I started hunting with the SVD when I was 10 years old and I hunted in the Ural Mt's I learned to hit a elk and animals further then 500+ meters. Im an expert shot when it comes to Snipers and Hunting Rifles. My Fascination was guns when I was a kid because their wasn't much to do besides play with them. My mother got sick and passed away when I was 19. I tried to get medicine from her by robbing a doctor in our town but she died before I could give it to her. I had to leave town bcuz I was wanted by the Millitsioner (Police in Ukraine).

I left so I could pursue by career as a business man since I am very good at talking to people . I started getting illegal shipments of Davidoff Cigarettes from my comrades back in Ukraine. I started to sell them in small towns in Germany nd would make 5 dollars profit and sell about 100 er so packs a day. I ended up getting robbed for 500 dollars by Der Soldat Gang. They were Nazi Fanatics and had their heads shaved and were of Aryan descent. They believed they could hurt innocents and steal rob and kill. I ended up being 28 at the time and I was tired of being pushed around all my life. I followed Der Soldat Gang to their compound their was about 20 Gang Members throwing my money around. I ended up posting up in a water tower next to the hideout with a perfect view. I watched them for a couple weeks. Every Wednesday they would have a meeting in center with 2 Guards on the roof. I ended up pulling the trigger at 1700 .I had a 20 Round mag and didn't miss a shot. They all were laying on the ground and some crying. I reloaded my svd and went down the ladder. I walked up to who appeared to be the leader and told him that he will never hurt anybody again, He started gasping for air while blood bubbled out of his mouth. I shot him in the face 10 times. I took all of their money and got on the next boat to Liberty City. I didn't like Liberty City because it was cold like back home and I never wanted to think about what happened. I heard about Los Santos/San Andreas and Decided to go their. I just arrived at the airport and ready to start my new life cleaning up the streets of filthy people.

Gamertag-IG Airassault54

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Alex Kruschev
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