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December 2017

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 Chief Police Character

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PostSubject: Chief Police Character   Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:40 pm

Character Name-  Mason Drake

Character Age- 27

Character Gender- Male

Place of Birth- ( Not America anymore Donald Trump Was President i will say) CANADA!!

Occupation-  Chief Police Officer

Character Class- CEO

Character Background: I was Born March 30, 1989 I was raised in the Military, they take good care me and trained me into a Professional hacker, one day we were in the battlefield with my comrade it was a terrible war once the war is over we head back to the Military base and we report everything to the general once the report was done I was assigned to do another mission to take a special Intel in the Enemy Base, I was Dismissed and went to the Plane and we fly off to an island once we are on the island we relies that there's a lot of abandoned building we use one of the building as temporarily base one, DAY 1 we rush to the enemy base and attack we notice that there's a vault inside of the Enemy Base i used my hacking skill to open the Vault and we saw the symbols of a Umbrella Corporation we take a photo of the umbrella corporation and head back to the Military base we report everything we saw once the reported is done we got assign to a new mission.

Few Months Later:
The mission has been started i was assign to get Intel and location about the Umbrella corporation i take me a few weeks to get the information, once i got the Intel and location i report back to the general and the general take serious action to attack the base we got dismissed, Day 6 The mission has been started our mission to get inside the umbrella corporation and more Intel, Once again we take a plane head to the location of the Umbrella Corporation I ask the Captain "Why is the Umbrella Corporation is Working with the Enemy Alliance" The Captain Said "There's must be something to do about the Missing Corpse in 2004 at New York" then we landed in near the Enemy base, we used stealth to get inside the enemy Base, Once we stealth inside the enemy base we saw another Heavily Vault i used my hacking skill to open the vault, Once the vault is open we head to the lab and notice there's a scientist working we interrogating the scientist the Scientist Said " Please Don't Kill Me! i got a wife and Child" The Captain said " We won't kill if you answered our Question" The Scientist Said "Okay, Okay, I will tell you everything i know, The Umbrella corporation making an experiment about Human Life Source or Making a dead Human Corpse alive the Virus is called T-Virus Once the T-Virus is injected to the inner heart the muscle will move but the mind will be empty" The Captain Said " Give us the T-Virus and one of the Information" The scientist give sample of the T-Virus and the File about their plan once we have it we head back outside, While using stealth to get out of the base one of our Team triggered the alarm, all my comrade rush outside once we almost made it to exit we notice that the exit is being block a Enemy Soldier but we push through and fight back, Then our Comrade got injured we rush to the forest, Once we made to the location The Captain Fired Flare to signal the Ally Chopper once the chopper arrived we head back to the military base we gave the T-Virus to an Ally Scientist at the base after that i head back to the general and report everything a few Months Later I retired to being a Military Hacker and head to Los Santos once i was in Los Santos I heard about there's a lot crimes and i need to take action and Make Los Santos Peace again. instead Making Los Santos Peace I tried to become a Criminal like Hacking ATM and Cars let me experience my to be a first best criminal.

Few Years Later:
I retired being a criminal Hacker and Relies that it affect my Life being a criminal I apply to be a Chief Police since I already know the law and my skills to be a Chief Police, After I become a Chief Police I Announce all the Police Officer to Patrol in Los Santos a lot of incident happen in Los Santos Like Robbery, Illegal Street Race, Illegal Weapons, Illegal Items, ETC. I tried my best to capture all the suspect but it keep them coming and coming I Announce all the Police to Radio Check every day, A few Days later a high speed Chase is going on the Highway I proceed to chase the suspect me and the suspect crash and I called an Air Support Once the air support arrived I get on the chopper and try to follow the suspect and flat the tire once the suspect get away I announce all police officers to patrol at Los Santos Downtown to Search the Suspect's Vehicle but the Suspect Vehicle never been found then again I return back patrolling in Los Santos and everything still a Chaos after all the Chaos that happen in Los Santos there were a Gang Attack and Illegal Street Race at the Canals I Radio all the Available Police to stop the Illegal Stuff in the Canals but all the racers are Running away from the Police, Once I made it there I use my Customize Under Cover Cop car to chase the most Wanted guy, then again the Chase has been begin at the Highway I use my Booster to take out the Most Wanted Guy once he is taken out he pulled out a gun at me and I been shoot to the Leg and I tried to stand up and grab my gun at my Car once I made it to my car I pulled out my Heavy Revolver and shoot the most wanted guy at the Mine Tunnel I been hospitalize for a Months once my leg is been healed I resume back patrolling at the Los Santos.

GamerTag- Skelemance

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

PostSubject: Re: Chief Police Character   Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:59 pm

I can have this Characteristic right? the hacker Class?
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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

PostSubject: Re: Chief Police Character   Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:37 am

Then you can delete the one the Legendary soldier
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PostSubject: Re: Chief Police Character   

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Chief Police Character
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