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 Calvin Adiris

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PostSubject: Calvin Adiris    Fri Nov 11, 2016 5:56 pm

Character Name- Calvin Adiris

Character Age-32

Character Gender-Male

Place of Birth- Birmingham,Alabama

Occupation- Airline Pilot

Character Class- Bookwork

Character Background- Calvin Adiris was born on December 18th,1984 in Birmingham,Alabama. His parents came to America from The Bahamas in 1983 and soon Calvin was born. When Calvin was 3 years old his family first moved to Los Santos and settled in sandy shores. Calvin's father Matthew got a job as a bag man at a local hotel and a cashier at a convenience store. Calvin had always dreamed of being a pilot, so at age 19 he enlisted into the San Andreas Air Natioanl Guard. But, he did not meet the required score on the military entrance exam to be a pilot. So he decided to work in flight preparation, he made sure planes and pilots were properly equipped for missions. While in the Air National Guard he enrolled and attended the University Of SAN Andreas Los Santos(USLS). He majored in Aviation Design and minored in Computer Science.

After serving 5 years in the Air national Guard he was relived of duty after a mechanical failure on a fighter jet led to a gas leak and explosion while flying. Calvin was very stressed after this mistake and thought he had done something wrong when it was just a freak accident that he had nothing to do with. Calvin was now 24 and he got a job at the motel that his dad now owned. He was a computer systems manager and made sure all he technology in he hotel worked properly. He began taking pilot training courses at a local airport, after receiving his small engine license he soon worked his way up to passenger and private jet training. After graduating flight school at age 28 Calvin finally has what he needed to be a pilot, his life dream. He soon moved to Los Santos in little soul. He then began flying for executives and celebrities around the country that lived in Los Santos. He has been doing that ever since but now he is looking for a job with a commercial Airline.


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PostSubject: Re: Calvin Adiris    Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:39 am

Awesome character and I really like your airline service. That could really prove beneficial when u need to get across the city on business!

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Calvin Adiris
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