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June 2017

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 Vito Gambino

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PostSubject: Vito Gambino   Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:04 pm

Character Name- Vito Gambino

Character Age- 29

Character Gender- Male

Place of Birth- Italia Sicilian

Occupation- Car Garage Co- CEO

Character Class(s)- DrugDealer "Maffia"

Character Background-
I'm Vito Gambino, i grew up in Italy.. I had a rough time when i was a kid, robbed shops, stole cars.. i never knew my parents and my family so i did what i needed to do for money and food.

But al off that came to an end when i was caught for murder. Went to prison for 7 years and got released at my 26. I figured out that i didn't want to continue my life in Italy, so i booked a flight to Los Santos..

When i arrived at Los Santos, i called up some of my old friends who also moved to this place.. One is the CEO of a car garage near the highway and casino in Los Santos.. He offered me a job as CO-Ceo and thats what i'm doing for almost 3 years till now.

Besides that... i forgot to tell one thing. I kill. I deal drugs. I steal cars. Prison hasn't changed me! We have done well for ourselfs.. Were maybe looking to expand our MOB "Crime Organization".. Is theire a new shipment of coke. WE! Gonna pick it up!

I'm living a wild life in Los Santos, i hope not to die soon.

(I Will show the open car workshop in game where i will stay most of the time)

Gamertag- DriftKing026
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Vito Gambino
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