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PostSubject: MINECRAFT SETTLERS RP   Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:20 pm

msg WRS1001 if interested and will be starting up in 1st of Jan I will create another post closer to the time about a day before I start up the server Smile
And if u are joining read the rules for settlers Rp
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PostSubject: Re: MINECRAFT SETTLERS RP   Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:23 pm

This is the ruleset for the very popular The Settlers Roleplay.

NLR- New Life Rule, Once u are killed you are not allowed to retrieve your loot. You can only break NLR if somebody witnessed your death(People can be nice and give your stuff back)

No Revenge killing- You are not allowed to kill someone for killing you unless you are at war with that faction or group of players

Rdming- Random Death matching is where you go around just kill people. There most be roleplay reason behind a kill.(Such as stealing crops.. Blowing up or setting things on fire, At war with another faction etc)

Credit System- You start off with one of the Roleplay classes (Barbarian,Pirate,Lumberjack,Miner,Mage,Priest,Soldier,Hunter,Farmer,Explorer, Builder, Bandit, Raider, Blacksmith, Store owner and many more to come)

You will also start off with 2 credits that u can use to buy new upgrades

2 Credits per stone tool upgraded

3 Credits per Iron tool upgraded

5 Credits per Gold tool upgraded

7 Credits per Diamond tool upgraded

5 Credits to build with Cobblestone/Stone

7 Credits to build in the desert with sandstone/sand

15 Credits to build in a cave
(No longer able to wield swords, Axes will take up your main use of fighting instead of swords)

2 Credits to be able to use a horse

2 Credits to be able to use horse armor

You will earn credits for PvP, Exploration, Rare Items, Building, and doing almost anything in minecraft. You will be awarded credits by the host of the Roleplay.. Do not use what u have not spent credits on. You will be warned only once.

Wood Start System- You only start with the ability to make, craft or build with wood and wood only. This means in order to build with stone..or anything other then wood u must spend credits to do so.

Upgrade System- You may use the credits that you have acquired to upgrade your tools or to be able to use stuff other then wood. (Just because you have the item or block does not mean you can use this)

Diamond Rule- You are not allowed to use Diamond swords unless you are dueling or you are at war with another kingdom..Settlement..Etc You must also have the credit bought for Diamond Sword

No griefing- You are not allowed to break into peoples homes or raid people that are not in the server.

Door Rule- Wood Doors can be broken down with an Iron Axe Only

Iron Door Can be broken down with a Gold Sword or Gold Pickaxe

Siege Rule- Defenders must have atleast one door leading into there hideout or settlement. Attackers can use TNT or Fire to break into a structure. They may also follow the door rule to get inside.

Siege Rule 2- You have two choices if the attackers win. You can either Enslave the population and force them to work for you for the rest of the roleplay or another roleplay event(They can rebel and they will still earn credits for there work). The second choice is you can let the remaining population go. They are not allowed to attack your settlement for the remainder of the roleplay and attackers are not allowed to either.

Arson Rule- You are not allowed to randomly set things on fire. If you are a bandit and you are raiding a settlement, village etc, you are allowed to use fire to your advantage but only in the hopes of hindering the population to make attacks easier.

Arson is allowed during wars.

Try your best not to lag the server with it and dont abuse it.

Kingdom Rule- To create a kingdom you must have atleast 1 person to join you at the start. You must pick your Banner and colors for your kingdom. You control areas of the map and its people. You can make taxes or take them away. Have people work for your kingdom if they live inside your territory. Enslave people and much more

Territory Rule- You can capture territory but you must put up a flag in the area that is claimed. You Control everything within 250 blocks in a circle area of that flag (Roughly)

Economy Rule- The economy and the value of items within the game are solely determined by players in the game and can change depending on who is buying and selling the materials/ items etc.

Later on Territory will help generate revenue and such for the kingdom

And anybody can farm
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