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December 2017

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 Character Creation

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PostSubject: Character Creation   Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:08 pm

Character Name- Jet Davidson

Character Age- 21

Character Gender- Male

Place of Birth- Dallas Texas

Occupation- N/A (I dont know?)

Character Class(s)- Government

Character Background- I am 21 years old I have a mother and father I know I moved to LS when I was 19 for college and last year I decided not to continue with college. I joined the police academy and got excepted a over a year ago and worked my way up to Highway Patrol and than worked my way up to Stae Trooper and that is where I am now. I hope my future is bright and I can continue Protecting and Serving the State of San Andreas!

Gamertag- Ninjassasin365


Criminal Classes:
Drug Dealer- Can sell drugs for 15% higher price(npcs) and can get a 15% discount on buying drugs for resell

Gun Dealer- Start with a stolen assault rifle, stolen pump shotgun, stolen heavy pistol and a and all melee weapons

Chemist- Can make 10 times as many drugs than normal

Hacker- Can disable vehicle trackers, cameras, and any other security features

Robber- Starts with a stolen pistol and makes 3 times as much cash for robberies, burglaries and car thefts

Civilian Classes:
Bookwork- Gets a free college degree and a 25% pay raise

Wealthy- Start out with an extra $20,000

Taxi Man- Starts with a free vehicle under $50,000

Entrepreneur- Start with a business under $50,000

CEO- 50% discount on purchasing businesses. 50% increase in income from business
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:55 am

Character Name- John "Happy" Doe

Character Age- 23

Character Gender- Male

Place of Birth- Nor.Cal

Occupation- Warlocks MC

Character Class(s)- Criminal

Character Background- I am 23 years old I had a mother and father they died I moved to Grand Senora when I was 16 for Work. I Co founded Warlocks MC with my brothers and have been a Sgt-At-Arms since we have based in Grand Senora and plan to take over all of San Andreas. I work as a Mechanic By day and ride with my brothers by night. i am told i have a temper and thats not going to change. the older i grow the smarter i get so watch out los santos here i come. i spent a dime in prison and i don't plan on going back ill never turn on my club and i will cut the head off any pig who asks. i am ready do die for my club my club is my life. i dont like any other gang eyeing me if i catch you ill cut it out.

Gamertag- WFFW Angry


Criminal Classes:

Chemist- Can make 10 times as many drugs than normal
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Character Creation
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